Module 1 Creativity

Best work

Out of all the work we did this semester, by far, this project was one of my favorites. I loved the foundation of the project. It really opened up my creativity and made it fun to complete. Not only that, I had a personal connection with this project. Since my brother only has the ability to use one of his hands, I made it my mission to create something that he could possibly use. To that, I got to learn a whole different world, which is 3d printing, and learn how to put my ideas into an actual thing you can hold and feel. Ultimately making this project one of my favorites of all time, no lie.


So far, starting this assignment, my goals for the module are to take a leap into digital accessibility. Specifically, accessibly controllers for the disable. I wanted to design a controller that was solely for someone with one hand to use because I got some inspiration from my brother who is only able use one hand. Another thing is I hope to be able to 3d print out a decent prototype so everyone in the audience can you know feel it in their hand. It’s one thing to describe a product it’s another to describe it and then Suprise them with a finished piece being able to see it in real life. What I really hope to produce is a starting point for a product so later on I can possibly make it viable functional and ready to use.