Modual 2 Culture

Game playthrough

The image to the left is the opening level to my new game Knights Conquest. The game takes place in the 14th Century in a war ruined country. You the Knight must conquest through the interactive and fun but challenging levels to save your kingdom from sudden doom. Do you have what it takes?

To see some gameplay follow this link

To play for yourself follow this link


The resources that helped me along the way in creating my product and design it can be thanks to free graphic design software that is out on the internet that allowed me to put my thoughts into a real picture that I could build off of. Another great resource I had was the digital knowledge center that taught me how to design and print a 3d printed product. What I’m really proud of is that I was able to actually create a product that you could feel in your hand as well as the audience being able to see my idea in real life.