Module 3 Methodology


For my project the question I asked myself was What text analysis software can you use to understand the most about a book. For that the software’s I used wore Voyant, Chat gpt and Zotero. What I found was that Voyant is a great text analysis tool it gives a whole bunch of data from readability, avg words per sentence the number of times a word is used, I found that you could be able to tell what a story is about based on the amount of the use of words. The next one I used was ChatGPT some of the pros where that chat gpt could analyze frequent word usage can even summarize the whole book for you and different facts and amount of punctuation. It has some cons though since ChatGPT has no access to the internet you have to copy in paste long text and if its a 250pg book good luck. On the other hand Zotero didn’t offer munch except incorporating citations while you write and helps organize your text. In the End the most useful tool was Voyant.